In the Name of World’s Largest Volunteer Ambulance Network

Well, it’s always a pleasure to help others and this time we did this for the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network Edhi Foundation.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was the founder of this foundation and he set an example for others by serving humanity.

We try to play our part in this noble cause and collected funds for Edhi. We learned so much from this activity and will share what we learned from this activity.

The experience was exigent because I was doing it for the first time but when I started it, become easy for me to collect and then I start enjoying collecting donation for Edhi sb.

Due to Covid-19 I was not able to collect it with the group I collected it individually, I collected and directly donated in front of people through the Easypaisa app to make it more transparent and after I started this rarely I got rejected.

At the start I was disappointed because people were refusing me then I ignored it and started collecting funds from people rather than that but when there was transparency people were donating very easily strangers were not trusting me but when I start donating through the app in front of them they started donating.

The experience helped me to accept failure that always everyone is not willing to donate but we have to try by ourselves we have to give our 100% it also gave me inner peace.

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to face rejection but we stood firm in this noble act of kindness as you can see one member of the circle Memoona shared the number of rejections she faced but she stood firm and able to complete her target.

Collection: Rs. 2300/_

People reached out: 24

People already know: 22

People strangers: 2

People who donated: 6

People who rejected: 18

Here is her reflection on this activity.

It was challenging but one of the best experiences for me for doing so when the world is fighting with Covid’19. I reached out to people individually who I thought wouldn’t let me down.

I’ve developed a sense of ownership and responsibility for telling others about the mission of Edhi Sahab. I’ve convinced some of my friends to contribute and made sure that every penny of theirs will be a source to bring light to someone’s life.

Meanwhile, I came across the hidden altruistic nature of some of my fellows which I was totally unaware of as they responded immediately to my single text and without questioning transferred the money and sent the screenshot of transcription within seconds, I mean It was a wow moment for me.

I appraised the ones who facilitated me in achieving my target collection.

It helped me to accept failure when even some of my friends were not ready to contribute in the first place and I had to convince them by telling the cause and the transparency of the whole process.

It was surely a challenging experience to raise funds in Covid times yet it left a positive impact as well. I felt relieved to help and it was one of the best experiences with Amal too.

I collected funds individually because I wasn’t able to reach out to people out of my capacity.

The most crucial challenge was to convince people that I am raising funds for a social cause and ensuring transparency as well.

It has helped me to accept failure by realizing that not everyone is willing to contribute and it shouldn’t be taken personally rather focus on the brighter side of the cause.

The experience of raisings funds for a noble cause has reminded us of our social responsibilities. I have contributed in this regard on my own until now but quite hopeful to get more donations from the ones I have requested.

The basic challenge was to convince people regarding the transparency that how would their contribution reach the desired organization and in this regard easy paisa app was quite useful as you can transfer donations directly into Edhi foundation’s account.

This experience had his share of failures too as

I failed to convince a few of my friends regarding the donation, social responsibilities, and benefits of this campaign which allowed me to reflect on my social skills and how can I articulate in a more comprehensible manner to convince more people.

This was it from my team, hope you’ll get the main theme of this activity.

Be Yourself